About Pop Physics

Pop Physics is a website about mysterious forces, black holes, subatomic particles, and strange attractors. It’s about all of those cool things that physicists have discovered and then kept hidden behind an impenetrable wall of technical language and insanely terrifying mathematics. Pop Physics grabs these things from the physicists when they’re not looking and distributes them freely to the public, like some kind of well-meaning yet somewhat misguided Robin Hood.

After a few years of teaching the subject, I learned a few things:

  1. Most people dislike math, so they dislike studying physics.
  2. Most people secretly think physics is rad.
  3. Most science textbooks are horribly written.

Specifically, physics textbooks are filled with highly precise and technical vocabulary, convoluted grammar, and a widespread lack of good, clear examples. They seem to be written for someone like me rather than for someone who’s actually trying to learn the subject. I wanted to write something that would make physics awesome again.

The site is less of a blog and more of a serially-published book. If you’re new to Pop Physics, I would highly recommend that you start from the beginning.

If you have any ideas about illustrating, animating, video taping, or otherwise disseminating the content of this site, I would be very excited to hear from you.

Pop Physics is written by C. Liam Brown. All written content is copyright the author (unless otherwise noted).